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 21 March 2014

Happy Spring everyone!

This has been the longest and the coldest winter in memory. I am so happy it’s over and spring is finally here. We still have mountains of snow everywhere, but hopefully it will melt away soon. I am working hard to get the third instalment of The Astral Ordinance to you. As always, I appreciate your patience.

Love and Light to all,

Meltem Y.K

29 December 2013

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

I am busy with the 3rd installment of the Astral Ordinance series. It is mostly done, but not quite. I am very excited about all the things that are happening in Jayna and Ethan’s world. I hope to release it early in the New Year.


Meltem Y. K

07 October 2013

My first blog tour officially begins today! Listed below is all the virtual stop I will be making.

Oct. 7  - Marisa, I'll be reading
Oct. 8 - Maria, Book Hostage
Oct. 9 - Swooning Over Books
Oct. 10 - Lorena, Petrich
Oct. 11 - Jennifer OEstreich
Oct. 12 - Brenna, Triple T Nerds
Oct. 13 - Chelsea Camaron, Love 4 Indie Authors
Oct. 14 - Cheryl M
Oct. 14 - Lade
Oct. 14 - Laura Greenwood
Oct. 15 - The Read Addicts
Oct. 16 - Nicole, Aries Girl
Oct. 16 - Breezy
Oct. 17 - Erin Alberts
Oct. 17 - Reading Renee
Oct. 18 - Anny
Oct. 18 - Kathy, Love words and Books

I will post the links to the review/spotlight/interview as they are posted.

Meltem Y. K

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